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HiveAlive Feed enhancer.

Hive Alive has been proven to maintain honeybee health, maintain gut health and improve over-winter success.
Extensive international field trial testing has been carried out on HiveAlive, some of these results have been published in the Journal of Apicultural Research. Results from international field trials show that feeding HiveAlive leads to better nourished, healthier bees resulting in a natural increase in colony population and honey production.
Shipping now Available for 3.44 fl bottles

BeeSmart Designs
USA Made
Recyclable Materials where possible
Local Pickup

10% Discount on Select BeeSmart Products

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CIVAN 3 Frame Hand Crank Extractors

Easy to use hand crank with brake. Stainless steel. Tall enough to place a 5 gallon bottling bucket under the honey spout. Includes hinged top lids, legs and a stainless steel honey gate which is much improved over other brands at the same price point. Great quality at a price that can't be beat.

Manufacturers Products Carried

For 50 years ANEL has been Researching, Developing and Manufacturing equipment and machines for the beekeeping sector.
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Internationally renowned for the quality of its fabrication and services, two times awarded from APIMONDIA, ANEL is a company which keeps on carrying forwards its commitment to offering products that upgrades our sector, the beekeeping sector.

Hive Monitoring for Everyone

BroodMinder believes that by performing simple, uniform measurements on thousands of hives, the beekeeping community will gain insights into hive distress and as a community, we will develop interventions to improve outcomes.

Scientifically proven to give: