Dateline: Magnolia, Tx March 3, 2002Magnolia Bee & Supply is excited to announce we are adding some new products for Beekeepers; HiveAlive feed supplement and Anel Hives.

HiveAlive is a seaweed-based feed supplement that has data from long term field trials that help increase colony production, reduce overwinter mortality and a reduction in Nosema spore counts. Additional data shows an increase in honey production and increases in the amount of brood in the hive. We are excited to carry this product to help Beekeepers get every advantage to maintaining happy and productive bees!

Anel plastic insulated beehives with polyurethan. This product features a lifespan which exceeds 10 years, no maintenance required, extremely durable and lightweight. The insulative characteristics of these beehives help the bees to maintain more consistent temperatures in the hive for brood rearing and overall bee health. The components of the Anel Beehive can also be integrated an with apiary’s existing Langstroth wooden hives making the transition seamless. We are pleased to be the exclusive provider of Anel hives in this area of Texas.

More information on these new products will be available on the website in the coming weeks as we receive them.

The store will have unique operating hours of evenings and weekends to better accommodate working beekeepers and hobbyists. The store will carry a variety of woodenware, wax foundation, beekeeping apparel and other supplies.

 We are conveniently located at 1010 FM 1774 in Magnolia Texas.

 Additional information related to beekeeping can be found on their website at

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