Removable dividers allow you to expand or shrink the internal space at will. Overwinter mated queens and supply your nucs in early spring.

KIT contains:

  • 8 Independent Chambers ready to receive mature queen cells.

  • 8 Technosetbee Twin Top Feeders for solid and liquid feed supplements.

  • 8 Technosetbee Tri-Fold Frames - This unique full depth frame, unfolds to a standard size Langstroth allowing the beekeeper to transfer the entire population, brood and supplies into a new hive. Provision is made for 2 wires to secure the comb foundation in each section.

  • 8 Technosetbee Colored mini-Entrances with landing boards are used to avoid drifting among the neighbouring colonies.

  • 8 Technosetbee Queen mini-Excluders Designed to prevent from accidental contact between mated queens on their return.

  • 8 Flip-up Landing mini-Boards (with locking position) for safe transportation.

Technosetbee Queen Mating Hive

Part 1
Part 2

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