The first over-engineered beehive for:

• Superior strength
• Life-long durability
Thermal stability
• Increased production
• Top rated hygiene
• Ultimate safety from pests & predators
Full compatibility with wooden Langstroth beehives
• Lowest environmental impact
• Designed & Manufactured in Greece
• 10 Year Warranty

AVS - Advanced Ventilation System - AVS design is Technosetbee’s simple and successful approach for a passive, self-regulated air-flow system controlled entirely by the bees! Yes, the bees decide when and how much will open or close (build with propolis) the special vents in order to regulate internally their thermodynamics. This prevents the build-up of condensation and damp conditions in the hive. Nosema and chalcbrood are much less likely to infest in the dry and more hygienic environment of a Technosetbee hive.

Why a PP hive?

Polypropylene, a near-perfect material for the highest standards

Polypropylene has been in existence for many years. As a beekeeping tool in Europe it has a service history more than 35 years. Chemically inert, will not corrode and is not affected by high or low pH or seaside (saltwater ) environments. Polypropylene’s physical and chemical properties have been extensively documented to last for a period in excess of 25 years.

• Sturdiest and most durable structure

• Highly resistant to acids and alkaline

• Non absorbent (hydrophobic) to vapour and water

• Zero maintenance: No paint, nails, glue or any kind of repairs ever needed

• No invasive pests can live or hide on the surface of Polypropylene

• Any parts in contact with disease can be easily sterilized with chlorine solution

• Excellent thermal insulating characteristics

• Documented durability in all weather extremes

• Highly resistant to fungus/mildew

• 100% Virgin food-grade PP

• Superior overwintering properties

• High impact resistance

Technosetbee 10-frame Deep Langstroth Hive Body - 9 5/8”

Beyond any competition! The epitomy of strength, hygiene, security and endless transformation! Armored with Twin Wall PP + EPS insulation, an unbeatable combination offering all year round ideal conditions and thermal stability for a stress-free colony. Pest-free smooth surfaces without those “dark spots” all pests love to hide and propagate. Built to last, peace of mind from mechanical stress (prying) or surviving a big predator’s attack. The base of all transformations, can be used as 10-frame brood box, as a deep super on top, switch to a 2X5-frame nucleus or 3X3 frame queen mating hive.

Technosetbee Anti-Varroa Bottom Board
The most sturdy bottom board ever built with Anti-Varroa molded screen. Excellent ventilation for the bees to control humidity and safe transportation. Pin Interlocking System can be removed to fit standard wooden equipment. Our entrance guards are designed only for the size of the honey bee to pass through. They efficiently prevent wasp and hornet entry. A pair of entrance guards are included along with each bottom board.

Technosetbee Twin-Wall High Impact Polypropylene with Insulation

PP is a thermoplastic polymer that is very rugged and unusually resistant to all kind of chemicals

The new era in beekeeping, cutting-edge technology and top notch insulating properties. Twin-Wall with insulation. Air vents (AVS System) for healthier bees.

Technosetbee Molded Hive Leg Holders - The top surface has molded four leg holders to keep securely in place all stacked beehives during storage or transportation.

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Technosetbee Dual Top Feeder

PP is a thermoplastic polymer that is very rugged and unusually resistant to all kind of chemicals

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Holds liquids and a dual purpose center that can be used for a additional liquid/syrup or removed and solid (pollen patty or sugar bricks) can be fed directly on top of the frames. This feeder also has an additional port that can be opened or closed to act as a TOP entrance for the colony

Fits 10 Frame Langstroth boxes

*Dominate color will be white

Technosetbee 2X5-Frame Complete Beehive

The best way to raise your nucs or overwinter weak colonies. Convert the brood box is the most efficient way to start nucleus hives. Nucs of that size require a lot less care and attention than smaller ones. During winter, the bees share the warmth generated within. In the case of a lost queen we can peacefully merge the colonies by eliminating the internal divider. Dual top feeders for each colony.


1 Vented Anti-Varroa Bottom Board
1 Full Depth Hive Body (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation)
1 Hive Cover (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation)
4 Hive Connectors8 Pins (Interlocking System)
2 Top inner feeders (solid/liquid)
1 Divider
2 Front entrance reducers with sliding doors

Fits perfectly in the wooden LANGSTROTH hives

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